Re-thinking the urban landscape exhibition

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The Landscape Institute Midlands branch has arranged for the Rethinking the Urban Landscape exhibition to visit the Midlands in June – it will be held in the stunning setting of Coventry Cathedral.

Rethinking the Urban Landscape argues the case to commit investment to ‘green infrastructure’ in the early stages of city and regeneration planning. Curated by The Building Centre and the Landscape Institute, the exhibition sets out to show that with long-term landscape planning cities can become healthier, safer and happier places to be – from reduced risk of flooding, to countering the ‘invisible killer’ of bad air quality, to weaving more enjoyable and inspiring environments throughout the urban fabric.

The exhibition includes many of the best international projects. A range of inspiring models and films are available for visitors to experience, and there is a series of supporting talks.

The exhibition will be open from Wednesday 8th June until Tuesday 21st of June. 
Opening times: Monday to Saturday : 10.00-17.00 
                           Sunday : 12.00-16:00 


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